Changing Roles and Growing Opportunities in Health and Wellness Management


Erin Ratelis

Just over 15 years ago, the health and wellness job landscape looked vastly different, and less promising, than today. Erin Ratelis, the director of content development with Optum Resource Center for Health and Well-Being, knows this firsthand. She was wrapping up her bachelor’s degree in community health education at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, preparing to head into the workforce. Her goal was improving people’s health. However, at the time, there simply weren’t a lot of jobs geared toward the skill set of a health and wellness professional.

“When I started out, you really had to dig to find a wellness-related job opening,” says Ratelis, who is also an advisory board member for the UW online Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Management program. “Now, there’s this entire burgeoning business around health and wellness. Employers, health plans, entrepreneurs, and public entities all over the world are investing in the idea of creating a culture of health and well-being.”Continue Reading

Career Opportunities in Health and Wellness Management Grow as More Employers Demand Worker Participation in Worksite Wellness

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Historically, employers have had to foot the bill for healthcare. Workers rarely understand how much this costs employers, but the marketplace is changing – fast. An industry previously reliant on employers absorbing the costs of employee health coverage is becoming a thing of the past, as employers seek to battle rising healthcare costs. One way […]

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Wisconsin’s New “Healthy Jobs Act” Gives Small Businesses Tax Credit for Wellness Programs and Creates Job Opportunities for Health and Wellness Professionals


The “Healthy Jobs Act” passed both the Wisconsin Assembly and Senate unanimously this week, which means a tax credit is on the way for small businesses that offer workplace wellness programs. It also means job opportunities are on the way for health and wellness professionals. The Milwaukee Business News notes that under the bill, businesses […]

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UW Health and Wellness Management Advisory Board Discusses Importance of Wellness Programs

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The program advisory board for the University of Wisconsin online Bachelor of Health and Wellness Management met on March 6, 2014. Members of this board help ensure the bachelor program is up-to-date with current trends. Our staff spoke with some advisory board members about why they felt compelled to join the board, how health and […]

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New Manager for UW Health and Wellness Management Program Draws on Experience to Encourage Student Success

Program Manager, Health and Wellness Management Program

The only thing that stays the same is change. As Theresa Islo takes over as the new manager for the University of Wisconsin’s online Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Management program, she can testify to the truth behind this age-old statement – especially after spending nearly two decades in the trenches of the […]

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Survival of the fittest: Winning in the field of Health and Wellness Management


- Blog Post by Charlie Kojis, CEOEL  It’s all about prevention. At least that’s the trend in healthcare. With the rise of employee wellness programs, one area that has seen exciting growth is preventive medicine. To help keep healthcare costs down—for employers and employees alike—more and more companies are creating workplace wellness programs designed to […]

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Health and Wellness Management: Meeting the new demands of a growing career field

George Kroeninger, Assistant Dean, UW-Extension's Division of Continuing Education, Outreach and E-Learning.

Keeping up with the demands and rapidly changing needs of worksite health and wellness programs is a job in itself. That’s where the online University of Wisconsin Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Management (HWM) program comes in—preparing students to become successful, forward-thinking, and innovative in an array of roles that go far beyond […]

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